As a photographer one of the comments I hear so often from clients is ” I am not photogenic.” I am about to prove that theory wrong and there are no magic tricks or airbrushing involved. If you wonder why sometimes you look great and other times not so this article could help unlock the secret to you looking your best not just in a photo but every day. Not many of us really understand how colour works and how the colours we choose to wear can influence our appearance more than we realise. The wrong colours make us look drab and older. They also impact heavily on the look of a portrait.

Recently I have been working with leading colour stylist and image consultant Ros Holden. Ros has transformed the look of thousands of clients just by advising them on how to choose the right colour for their clothes, hair and makeup. I recently photographed one of her clients and the photos showcase how much better we can look when we wear colours that suit our complexion. Here are some examples. The photos on the left are all the wrong colour choices. The images on the right are taken with Francine wearing clothes chosen with the help of image consultant Ros Holden. The amazing thing is that Francine did not have to go shopping, all the right clothes were already in her wardrobe, she just didn’t realise it.

Portrait Photographer sydneyPortrait Photographer Sydney

How much better does Francine look in the images on the right? Not only is she wearing colours that suit her but as a photographer I have also chosen a backdrop that suits her. Here’s another secret to why so many people think they are not photogenic. With the images on the left I placed the light source ( which is a flash ) in a similar place to where it would be on most small automatic cameras, which for many of us is the worst angle of light possible. Francine is wearing a little bit of makeup in the photos on the right and I have also positioned the light to suit my subject. Lighting is something that many home photographers do not understand  no matter how expensive their equipment is.  Absolutely no airbrushing was needed after the photos were taken. Looking natural is also important, a good photographer knows how to create a situation where the subject feels relaxed and comfortable.

Portrait Photographer sydneyPortrait Photographer sydney

I really enjoyed this shoot and the results clearly demonstrate the effect colour has on your appearance. Thanks to Gary Starr  for hairstyling and hair colour. I have personally used Gary for nearly twenty years and he is one of the most consistent and talented hair stylists I have met. I hope you enjoyed this insight into how you can look younger & better. The answer is a resounding YES, you are photogenic!