I am often asked what is the best age to have photos of a baby taken. The fact is any age. Most studios specialising in new born photography recommend bringing your baby in when they are from a few days old up to the 2nd week. It’s actually an easier task for the photographer because newborns spend so much time asleep and can be moulded into cute little bundles so easily. Realistically it just isn’t practical or possible to coordinate a photography shoot just after a mum has given birth so we see a lot of clients after 3 weeks. Photographing a baby between 3-8 weeks is more challenging but you are often rewarded with more expressive images of your little one. They have better head control and we’re more likely to capture a smile. Parents are a very important part of the process and are present throughout the session. Instead of using props like baskets, hammocks or flowerpots we use ask the parents to hold and comfort their little one and become part of the image. it is a much more personal way of photographing newborns.

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From 4-12 weeks the range of images we can create is far greater. Most little ones are strong enough to lift their head up when on their tummy and the smiles are a lot more abundant. Your baby is a lot more aware and is responding a lot more to what’s going on around them. There is a popular myth that natural light is better than studio lighting. This simply isn’t true. At Image Technique we use a soft box which creates a very soft, gentle light. Most babies are intrigued by the light source and it helps to draw their attention creating some beautiful expressions. Using the flash on its softest setting is barely noticeable and allows us to photograph a sleeping baby whilst shaping the light to create beautiful new born photos without having to use any props. Having complete control of the lighting also allows us to flatter our subjects which many parents who have endured a few sleepless nights really appreciate. From 6-9 months there are all sorts of images our baby photographer can capture for you. Sequences of expressions, sitting up, rolling over, cuddling, laughing the list is endless.

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Many of our most beautiful family photographs with babies are taken spontaneously while the parent is settling or even just playing and interacting with their child. This is when we achieve the most candid photographs. As soon as your little one is able to crawl or walk we’ve really got our work cut out for us and the photo session is really interactive with games and silliness abounding. We always allocate plenty of time during our sessions and often a feed or nappy change is required. Parents often ask “what if my child won’t cooperate or if they get grumpy?” actually it happens occasionally, we just work around that and the harder it is the more creative and unexpected the photos will be because we really push ourselves to create a beautiful photo for every situation. Most importantly we love what we do, our promise to you is beautiful photos every time. Thanks for reading I hope to see you soon, Philippe.

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