Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and I can honestly say it’s not business as usual. Like many other sole traders and small business owners I’m bracing myself for what may be in store for the next few months.

So how can all of this extra time many of us will be spending at home be turned into an opportunity?

A couple of weekends ago I was invited to my neighbour’s 40th birthday. One of the guests handed me their phone and asked me to take a group photo of the 25 or so guests.  I did my best but I’d taken a blurry, badly lit photo. Yes, phone pics can fail even in the hands of a pro.

I once again wondered why so few people are taking actual cameras to events that celebrate such important milestones. Is it that much trouble for one guest to bring a point and shoot camera with a good built-in flash? Phone cameras can perform well in ideal light but in low ambient lighting they really struggle.

So what does all of this have to do with the extra time you might be spending at home trying to slow down the spread of Covid-19? It could be an opportunity to resurrect your “proper” camera, get out the instruction manual and get re-acquainted with how to take a group photo in low light.

Here’s and even better idea. Kid’s these days are a whizz with technology, why not set a challenge and see if they can learn how to use a real camera on the manual setting. If you find they start to develop a genuine interest in learning and would like to improve their skills I do give lessons so please feel welcome to get in touch.

Here’s another suggestion if you’re locked in the house. How about sorting through your archive of digital images and selecting a few favourites to get printed?

Yes that’s me with my sister circa 1967. My mum had a basic manual camera and she took loads of photos. My point is if it’s printed it will last for generations. Who knows what will happen to digital files in the future but one thing is certain, you don’t need a device to look at a printed photo so it will never become obsolete.

This photo of me with my sister is reproduced from a Kodachrome slide, it’s amazing how natural the colours are after all this time. I photographed the slide so if you have some old slides or prints you would like restored perhaps I can help.

I certainly have lot’s of other ideas but I might save that for another time. I genuinely send my best wishes to you all and that everyone stays safe and healthy.

Warmest regards,