Philippe Flatt of Image Technique shares some points to consider that are often overlooked when looking for  family photography in Sydney to take professional family photos

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When you have found a studio whose style appeals to you, other considerations are location, availability and price range but these factors alone won’t guarantee you are making the right choice. You need to ask the following questions:

Who exactly will be taking my photos? Are they experienced with families, babies & kids? “Our photos were disappointing because we had a junior photographer inexperienced with babies and children” is a story I have heard recounted often. Are their photos actually featured on the studios website? Speak with them personally instead of emailing and find out if they understand the developmental stages of infancy? Do you feel that you could connect with this photographer after having had a conversation with them?

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Ask for an example of at least one technique they would use to reassure a shy child or a self-conscious adult in order to achieve a candid photograph. This is a question that should be confidently answered by an experienced children’s photographer. Larger studios employ more than one photographer; there is no guarantee who you’ll get on the day. Their marketing may be slick but you could be lumbered with a junior on the day of your session. The benefit of dealing with a smaller specialist boutique studio is you can usually get to meet the photographer beforehand.

How long does the session last? This is a very important consideration with newborn photography. New born sessions often need a two hour window to allow for feeding, nappy changing and naps. Older babies and young children may need some warm up or settling in time, but after that there is often only a 30 – 45 minute window to engage them before they get bored or tired. An experienced kids photographer will pace the session accordingly. Our promise to every client is that the session will only finish once we have captured the most beautiful images.

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Will my photos to turn out similar to the ones displayed in the studios portfolio? Naturally a portfolio is a sample of a photographer’s best work chosen to represent their style and ability. Most photographers will stage special portfolio shoots where more time is taken to create images that look spectacular, it’s during those shoots that new techniques are often discovered and hopefully used in regular clients shoots. That’s all good but there is no point in choosing a studio that shows beautifully lit compositions if they can’t reproduce a similar look for your session. At Image Technique our answer to this question is “YES”; our portfolio only contains images from actual clients’ sessions who have given us permission to display the images.

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How will you choose your photos? The viewing is just as important as the session. Choosing your favourites with expert guidance will ensure an inspired collection that has captured the essence and spirit of your family rather than just a record of what was taken on the day. A “convenient view at home option” may seem convenient at first but realistically it takes much longer to choose than viewing your images at the studio. Many photographers who only offer a view online at home option do so because they probably haven’t invested in the equipment and facilities to show you your collection. Home computer monitors may not represent the true tonal quality and colour of how the photos actually look which can have a huge impact on the finished product.

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Some photos look better in Black & White. Then there are warm tone monochrome images and cold tone images. Other images look fantastic when displayed as a sequence or when printed on canvas. Other images have more impact when cropped in a particular way. An experienced family photographer will guide you without high pressure selling and show you different options clearly and simply to help you choose photos that you will love. At Image Technique we pre-edit your photos and have all of these options ready to show you on the day of your viewing.

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You should never feel hurried or pressured when choosing your images so make sure you ask for a detailed explanation of how the process works to see if it suits you. I hope that some of the points I have outlined will simplify the process and help you make the right decision choosing family photography in Sydney.

If you would like to know more about Image Technique contact us today for an obligation free chat about how we create beautiful photographs of you and your family.