The perfect Linkedin profile image should emphasize the subject above everything else. When viewed as a small image, which is usually how photos appear on line, your profile picture should stand out. If  you are not obliged to comply with your company’s branding colour palette it’s time to call the shots  with your own photo and seize the  opportunity to show yourself at your best.

Linkedin headshot
The advantage of studio photography is the ability to try different background options during the session and then choose what looks best. Sometimes a little experimentation is required with some fine tuning in post production. I liked the way this muted mint background picked up the colour of the jewellery.

Linked in Head shot Sydney

I started off this shoot with a clean white background, it just wasn’t working. The subject’s complexion was washed out and the softness of the purple top was lost. Stepping down to a warm grey was the right decision.

Linkedin photos

Brown is often overlooked as a choice of background colour. It conveys warmth when used in the right situation. Careful lighting in this image provided just enough separation so the subject’s hair didn’t blend in to the background.

I’ve shown you just a few examples, there are many other options. Many clients are choosing more than one image from their shoot for different uses.
The ultra-white background blends seamlessly into white web pages and print media so it is often a popular choice. Pure white and black backgrounds can sometimes look harsh as can black or white clothing, especially against older complexions. Imagine the image above with a black instead of brown background it would look “cold”.

Clothing colour is  an important factor and will help determine the choice of background. This requires a separate article.  I confidently advise my clients as to colour choices with clothing but if you really want to transform your appearance I recommend seeking the services of a specialised colour consultant who will provide you with your own personal colour palette.   I personally recommend Ros Holden from Your Colours and Style. 

I hope you have found this article helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally to discuss how I can help you look your best on line.

Philippe Flatt is owner and photographer at Image Technique, founded in 2007, located in Sydney’s Inner West.