The answers to questions we are ofetn asked

How many photos will you take during my session?

We always take plenty of photos so you can choose the best natural and candid images. The larger the group the more we will take. We generally consult with you before the session to get an indication of whether you are looking for a few images or a collection of different combinations, then we’ll shoot accordingly. It’s not unusual for us to capture from one to two hundred images during a newborn or family session. We’ll edit these to show you only the best during the design consultation when you choose your favourites.

How long will my session last?

It depends on who we are photographing. A newborn session may take from two to three hours. Babies from six months to one year usually take less time to photograph than newborns. A toddler’s attention span may only last thirty minutes. We are experienced with all ages and if needed we’ll pick up the pace to suit the situation. Our promise is you won’t feel hurried, kids will have time to settle and we won’t stop until we’ve taken the best we can.
A business head shot is usually done and dusted in under an hour.

How many photos can I purchase?

As many or as few as you would like to. Our packages are flexible and you can add as many photos, framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic blocks or any other products as you like.

I have a gift voucher, can I change what is included on the voucher?

Yes, you can use your voucher as credit towards a better package, larger photos or framed prints.


Are digital files included?

All our print packages include the supply of a duplicate web resolution digital file with every print ordered. Additional prints ordered outside of the package also include a digital file. We also have high res digital packages available on our packages page. Digital and print packages can be combined – you can have a mixture of both. Corporate and business shoots include the supply of hi res files.

Do you airbrush the photos?

We try to produce portraits that look as natural as possible with minimal manipulation. Our state of the art lighting techniques help to show you at your best without the need for too much post production. Airbrushing, retouching and manipulation is available on request. Minor blemish removal such as a scratch on a toddlers face is included free of charge. More complex and detailed manipulation is available by quotation. If you have already made a booking and a skin blemish has appeared that is of concern you are welcome to call. In most cases we have a simple solution.

Can I choose my photos on the day of the session?

For corporate and business shoots yes. In most cases for family and baby sessions we will need some time to download and edit your photos so a second appointment on a different day is recommended. Often babies and kids need a nap or a change of activity so a viewing after a photo session doesn’t always work out. If you have traveled a long way or are visiting from overseas you may need to order on the same day as your session. If this is the case please let us know before you book so we can set the time aside to schedule a viewing, we have some great cafe’s and restaurants nearby and may be able to have your images ready while you have a lunch break.

When will my order be ready?

Unframed prints are generally ready for collection within one to two weeks. Frames and canvas products are usually ready in three to four weeks. Our strict quality control means we may need a little time to supply you with beautiful photos to keep for life. If you need something in a hurry let us know and we will do our best.

If you would like to know more about our packages, sessions and options please feel free to get in touch. We are most happy to provide you with as much information as possible.

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Sessions, options, styling tips & FAQ

Choose your photography package

Choose a package you feel comfortable with.

Your package can be changed after the session – you’re not locked into the package you started with – it’s flexible.

Our recommended package for newborns, babies and young children is the Newborn or Deluxe Family Package.

Pick your ideal appointment time

Call us to check our availability so we can reserve your appointment.

To confirm your booking we require a deposit, we can organise this over the phone.

Your deposit will be used towards your package.

Pick an appointment time that work’s best for you and your baby or child’s routine.

You’re welcome to include extended family members if you let us know beforehand.

Some points to consider

Clothes play a very important part in how your photos will look. We can advise you on what will work best. There are also some tips further down the page in the what to wear section.

Have a think about what your ideal display options would be for your photos. Where would you like to see your favourite images? Albums, frames, canvas prints or acrylics? If you have a wall space at home that you would like to showcase your images, you are welcome to take a photo on your phone to show us.

Try to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, if you are running late, relax. We do understand although we’d appreciate a call to let us know.

Your experience with us

Our aim is to take the most beautiful photos and give you the most enjoyable experience on your special day.

Before we start the session we’ll have a chat about what combinations you would like us to do, have a look at some of the different outfits you may like to try and bounce a few ideas around.

Studio sessions usually last between 30-90 minutes. Allow 2 hours for a newborn session. We’ll take plenty of photos and capture the most candid moments.

How do we tell your story?   We create an environment you feel comfortable in, let events unfold naturally and focus on photos that reflect you.

Your session will only finish once we have captured the most beautiful photos, that’s our promise to you every time.

Choosing your photos

Your package includes one appointment to view and select your favourite photos.

We recommend a separate appointment to do this, as we will need time to edit your shoot first.

If you need to order your images on the same day as your photo session, please let us know beforehand so we are able to schedule your viewing.

Consider a baby sitter to look after the little ones so you can relax and enjoy the process of choosing your photos.

Please allow 1-2 hours of your time to view and order prints from a family shoot.

You’ll have the assistance of your photographer, not a salesperson, displaying your images on the finest quality viewing monitors.

Our special viewing software makes choosing your photos simple and enjoyable.

First we’ll show you all of the images and when you’ve selected your favourites we can display them as colour or black and white, experiment with creative cropping ideas, or simulate the images as a series to be framed.

Your photographer can also offer expert advice on choosing different finishes such as canvas or acrylic mounting to compliment your home.

What do I wear?


Simple clothing works best. Avoid clothes with logos, patterns and images. Clothes that don’t distract from expression and emotion are timeless. Only wear colours that complement each other. Bold primary colours are distracting. Softer colours with gentle hues work much better in groups. Creams and off-whites are softer than pure white. Try to avoid patterns.

Family Photo sessions FAQ

We recommend bringing a few clothing options if you are not sure. Many families like to try a more formal and then a casual look. We’ll change lighting and composition to suit your attire resulting in two different looks.

We also work closely with one of Sydney’s leading colour stylists Ros Holden. We’re happy to help you coordinate the best look for your family or even arrange a pre-session styling consultation. With our help styling can be fun!

Newborn & Babies

For our natural style of newborn photography we often photograph babies unclothed, in a plain cloth nappy or linen wrap.

The temperature of our studio is carefully controlled. Your baby’s comfort is our priority.

For older babies simple still works best. Clothing without patterns or logos. Plain nappy covers. Singlets & overalls look cute. Bring plenty of options.


Keep it simple

This soft grey knit lets you enjoy this baby’s beautiful expression. It just wouldn’t be as nice with bright motifs and patterns everywhere. 


A splash of colour

You are welcome to bring a few outfits, this bandanna/bib is a cute accessory.


Family Photo sessions FAQ

Skin on skin shows the bond between a parent and their baby. Our lighting and composition will create beautiful flattering photos. If you prefer to be covered, choose a garment without buttons or zips. Soft colours work better.

Grooming, nails and hair are important; we photograph babies in your hands, over your arms and shoulder. Even if you are not planning to be in the photos, it’s better to be prepared as if you will be; older babies may need the reassurance of a cuddle which makes a beautiful photo.

Babies and children’s clothing are often bright and colourful. We recommend toning it down with softer colours and minimal or no motifs or designs. Patterns and logos are really distracting in photos.

Onesies are practical for everyday use but baby’s skin looks much better in photographs. Soft greys, soft browns, earthy colours, soft pinks and soft blues always work well.

Styling works best when the first thing that draws your attention in the photo is the emotion or the connection between the people photographed. Carefully chosen clothes will become secondary in the image.

Bright and bold primary colours can work in some instances but more often than not they will take over and distract from the real beauty of the moment.


Classic = Timeless. It’s a simple equation that works every time. Your child’s spirit and personality will shine through without attention-grabbing outfits. Sometimes kids like to “dress-up”. this is an activity that can be used to create some fun portraits with careful selection of clothes – you’re welcome to bring a few options.

Your photos should reflect you. We’re here to tell your story not ours so if you or your child has a favourite outfit please bring it along to your session. It’s ok to indulge yourself in a bit of fun and record the memories that are important to you.

In black and white photography colours are reproduced as tones. In a group of three one subtle pattern next to two plain outfits can often work well. We can always show you a colour and monochrome version of your favourite images.

Styling for groups

Matching colours need not be the same colours. It’s much easier to compliment clothing by mixing a range of softer hues. Browns and greys are often overlooked in portrait styling tips. Contrary to popular belief, black does not suit everyone.

Family photo styling
Finding the best colours in clothing, hair & makeup for you. More details....................

We recommend leading colour stylist and image consultant Ros Holden. Ros has transformed the look of many of our clients just by advising them on how to choose the right colour for their clothes, hair and makeup. The best news is that often enough you won’t even have to invest in new clothes. The secret lies in unlocking how to combine the right colours that work for your complexion with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.
Contact us for more information about how to look your best.


Personal branding styling

If you are booking in for a corporate photo shoot we can also advise you on personal branding styling. Clean simple & corporate or editorial with an edge.