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Family portrait photography studio Sydney

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The perfect gift for a loved one, family or friend.
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Your gift voucher includes:
One photography session
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Beautiful professionally printed photos.
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more details about vouchers...
The perfect gift for a loved one, family or friend.
All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.
Vouchers are express posted free.

Your gift voucher includes:
One photography session
One appointment to view & select your photos
Beautiful professionally printed photos.
Vouchers can be upgraded after the session.

Choose your voucher from our packages page
 or contact us for an obligation free enquiry.

Read more about Philippe
I love capturing moments that help families cherish their relationships and memories with engaging photographs. My family photo studio is located in Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West where I’ve lived for many years.

New Born Photography – Family Photos
Corporate Photography – Personal Branding

My story:
Family Portrait Studio Sydney

“Since I was 15 years old I had been taking photos including developing my own film and printing photos in the darkroom. I was fascinated by the photographic process and I admired the classic portrait photographers of yesteryear as much as I did the contemporaries of the present time.

Although I embraced digital technology, I think it was my association with film that gave me an added appreciation for the preservation of one’s family history through the printed photograph. Holding an old photograph in your hand evokes memories in a different way compared to looking at images on a computer or portable device. I was lucky to be part of a family that loved photos- we had loads of albums at home. “

Your experience with us:

I understand that natural timeless photos are the result of a photographer building rapport with their subject, and I do this by partnering with you and your family in the creative process.

How will I tell your story? Create an environment you feel comfortable in, let moments unfold naturally and focus on photos that reflect you.

Candid, traditional, formal or spontaneous? Perhaps a combination of all of these, most importantly being yourself is when the magic happens. You set the pace, there’s never any hurry.

“In a nutshell I tell your story, not mine. I’m not here to promote my brand through the photos; I’m here to cater to individuals. Candid, playful, classical, or a combination of all of these.  Because of this the style of the images can be quite varied. After all the images are for my clients, not me.

The common element I strive for is to show the relationships, personalities and connection between people. I guess I also have a signature lighting style for portraiture; it’s usually very emotive yet flattering while avoiding the clichés of glamour photography. This harks back to the days when I was perfecting the contrast and tonal range of prints in the darkroom. Our cameras are digital and although editing software has replaced the darkroom we still  put a lot of time and care into preparing your photos before they are printed to ensure they look amazing.

I prefer simple, timeless images that won’t date. We don’t often use props although we’re happy to if our clients ask. For example our newborn photos are a basket and flowerpot – free zone. I think a much more meaningful photo is a newborn cradled in their parent’s arms or hands instead of being placed in a basket. I think the baby will treasure those photos more once they have grown up.”

Our Studio:

Located in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west the studio has all the comforts of home – from kitchen and bathroom facilities, to a private area for parents to change and feed infants. Unrestricted street parking directly outside. Bus and trains nearby.

Family Portrait Photography Studio Sydney

A behind the scenes look during a high energy children’s photo shoot

Photos to last a lifetime.
Choose from high quality, handcrafted prints, frames, canvas, acrylic products and custom designed coffee table albums. With uncompromising quality control, you’ll be assured of beautiful photographic products that last for many years.

Digital packages for family and corporate photography are also available.

With more than 20 years experience I promise to look after you every step of the way, from the first phone consultation, to your photo session, designing your collection and finally presenting you with your beautiful prints.

“I love that I’ve been able to provide a service that reflects the way I like to experience life; a lot of laughter and fun. Just as importantly overseeing complete control over the quality of the finished product I produce, I’m very particular about quality myself when I buy things or when I engage the services of a professional and this permeates into every aspect of my business.”

Best Of Marrickville Award Winning Photo Studio Award Winning Photo Studio Inner West Sydney

Contact us today to speak with Philippe about creating photos you’ll cherish forever.

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Touching portraits of the loving connection you have with your baby

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As you welcome your child into the world, there are many precious moments that fly by: baby’s first eye contact, first smile, first laugh. Capturing these early moments in their life with candid, creative newborn photography makes a beautiful memento.

Our natural baby photography focuses on form, expression & personality.
We only use soft & gentle lighting to create beautiful images, perfectly safe for baby.
We’re experienced photographing babies from a few days old to toddlers.
Your 2 hour session will allow for feeding, nappy changes & naps.

Our affordable newborn baby Packages start from from $379
This short video outlines the package options.

Your newborn experience

Family Portrait Photography Studio Sydney
Family Portrait Studio Sydney
Natural, candid portraits capturing your child’s spirit

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Our children’s photography sessions are fun, engaging and interactive.

To produce beautiful photos that capture your child’s spirit we ensure that enough time is taken to build a relationship with your child.
Our relaxed, candid style encourages kids to be themselves and enjoy the moment – that’s when the magic happens.

Affordable and flexible packages are available.

Your children’s experience

Family Portrait Studio Sydney
Candid family portraits that tell your unique story

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Candid or traditional, and always natural.

How do we tell your story?   We create an environment you feel comfortable in, let events unfold naturally and capture photos that reflect you. Photos that show your connection with each other.

Your photographer Philippe understands that successful family portraits are the result of a photographer building rapport with their subject, and he does this by partnering with you and your family in the creative process.

Family photography packages are flexible, choose one special photo or add a collection to your package.

A variety of options are available on our packages page

Your family experience

Family Portrait Studio Sydney
Maternity photography that celebrates your special journey

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Our state of the art lighting will flatter and enhance your curves – for truly exquisite images that reflect the real you.

And while we might suggest some poses, lighting or staging ideas, you are in control of your session and whatever makes you comfortable.

We also encourage the father-to-be, and your other children to join you
for a relaxed, bonding family experience.

Your maternity experience

Business headshots

Reflect your individuality

Promote your brand

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A successful business headshot tells your story at first glance.
It conveys your experience and credibility, while being engaging and warm.
Our corporate photography packages are affordable and flexible – you can choose one image or a series.

We offer same-day delivery, too, if needed. We know how important it is for your photos to look their best, so we will fine-tune your images, including minor blemish removal if required.

Your corporate & lifestyle experience

Corporate Photography Sydney

Tristan Copy Copy Copy

Philippe is a wonderful photographer and makes a photo shoot with children enjoyable! We’ve had both our boys photos done with Philippe and have been thrilled with results. Price is unbeatable too.


December 2016

Erin & Yvette

Tristan Copy Copy

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Image Technique. Philippe took corporate photos of our team at SHEETH and we really appreciated the time he spent and the effort he made to make all our photos perfect. Philippe worked hard to please everyone in our team and listened to all our requests and demands. Taking photos in a studio did not come naturally for all of us but he made us feel comfortable and we are all extremely happy with the result!Thank you Philippe for your professionalism and dedication to achieve the result we wished for. We will definitely be coming back!


September 2019

Tamara Gutemyr


Tristan Copy

Philippe is excellent with young babies and the photos he took were wonderful. Very knowledgeable and we are incredibly happy with the quality of work done here

May 2019

David Hawkins


Great studio, great relaxed atmosphere, but above all great photographer who got great results. As a Creative Director, I’ve been on hundreds of shoots – but Philippe brought a new dimension. His attention to detail and stellar lighting really sets him apart.

June 2013

Tristan Parry

Owner, Media One


Philippe made our visit warm and welcoming. He had every ounce of patience when it came to photographing a newborn and made us feel comfortable throughout our session (as we know babies have a mind of their own). Philippe captured many precious moments that we will treasure for many years to come. We highly recommend Philippe @ Image Technique.

November 2015



We had the best time ever! Not easy to photograph mum, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and 2 rabbits! I’ve also had fabulous profile shots done by Image Technique – nothing they can’t do!

January 2016

Niki Buchman

Travel Consultant, Flightbiz

Alison Ryan

Loved our newborn session with Philippe. Relaxed setting, patient with feeds and changes. Photography is modern and minimalist rather than the ’90s Anne Geddes look!

February 2017

Alison Ryan

Gary Starr

Philippe has been our family photographer for over 15 years now. Our lounge room is awash with his fabulous work. Visitors always seem to comment on his artistry. Alongside our (and our friends) family shots Philippe has also done my professional shots and he is the preferred photographer of many business colleagues. In every instance his level of professionalism, dedication and craft is second to none. I would recommend Philippe to anyone.

July 2016

Gary Starr

Owner, Starr's Planetarium


Philippe took our corporate photos at his studio in Marrickville, his dedication and attention to detail during the process was extraordinary. Philippe made sure to achieve the look and style we desired. He guided us along the way and recommended different takes. We’re very satisfy with his work. I couldn’t recommend Philippe highly enough.


Creative Creations TV

Amanda Stephenson

Philippe engages with children and has the ability to capture the joy of childhood with his camera. Image Technique came along to The Big Splash media launch event and was able to provide us with some amazing shot of the event but also images for the promotion of the event going forward. We cannot thank him enough.

Amanda Stephenson

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation