Capture the fun times with expert Sydney children’s photographer Image Technique

Image Technique are one of the most experienced children’s photographers in Sydney. Our kids photography sessions are fun, engaging and interactive. We love taking photos of children.  It doesn’t matter if your child won’t sit still, because our relaxed, candid style encourages kids to be themselves and enjoy the moment- that’s when the magic happens.

Ask us to give you an example of how we would reassure a shy toddler or a self-conscious child in order to achieve a candid photograph. This is a question that we can confidently answer & our award winning photos of children reflect this.

We will also capture a variety of expressions if you would like us to. Photos that show inquisitiveness, wonder, trust, contentment or even melancholy images are also beautiful.

We have affordable kid’s and family photography packages and our studio is conveniently located in Marrickville Sydney with parking right outside. Contact us today to find out how we can create timeless memories of your children today.

Our way of photographing children is to create an activity they enjoy

The camera is ready but we don’t make a big deal about the photos because we understand that kids would rather be playing or fooling around. Everything about the photo session can be made into a game. Games equal fun and kids will  be more enthusiastic about it rather than telling them “okay we’re going to take photos now”. Sessions are sometimes mayhem but parents often marvel about what we were able to achieve in the shoot. Most importantly we take the time to build a relationship with your child. If they need a little time out or breathing space we let them have it. If we think they are getting bored we’ll pick up the pace to produce beautiful photos that capture their spirit.

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Family and children’s photography gift vouchers are available simply by calling us today.